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BlogAtom is the new way to read all of the blogs you love in one convenient place. Our service is a blog aggregator that not only allows you to read blogs, but also helps you find new blogs on any topic you can imagine.

Online aggregators normally just put content all in one place, but you have to hop around from site to site to find something to read. With BlogAtom, blog posts from the feed open inside our platform, and work exactly as if you were visiting the blog regularly in your browser.

We are still in beta, and so please bear with us while we create and add new features, as well as fixing any bugs that we become aware of.

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Helping you stay up to date with your favorite blogs

We know that you have blogs that you read regularly, and we want to make it easier for you to stay up to date. We’ve all been there, you have 15 minutes to kill, you’re having your morning coffee or you’re looking to learn something new and you want to read a blog post. Where do you go?

Google? Search algorithms favour long content with lots of links - not necessarily the best article for you. Besides, you already know the websites you’d be interested in reading, and maybe you don’t know the topic.

Social Media? Good luck finding a useful blog post between all the ads, memes, videos that make you cry and your Uncle Dave’s weird status updates.

Email or Push Notifications? If you’re even subscribed in the first place, new article notifications tend to get filtered out, end up in spam, or end up buried in your inbox under a pile of other subscriptions.

Pretty much any other method guarantees the same results, and so if you were anything like us, you’d end up hopping from blog to blog trying to find something worthwhile to read - only to run out of time and call it quits.

With BlogAtom, you can subscribe to your favourite blogs, and view all their articles in a personalized feed, in chronological order. You’ll save time looking for something, and never risk missing an interesting post again!

For Readers

Once inside BlogAtom, simply open your feed to browse your subscriptions, or find new articles and blogs through the “Trending” or “Search” features.

You can click on the blog title to see all posts from that blog, or on the author name to see all posts by that author. We also have a “Tag” system that allows you to click tags and see all posts that have been tagged with the same phrase.

Click on an article to view it inside BlogAtom, and use the blog exactly as you normally would. Once you’ve finished reading, simply open your feed back up, leave a comment or like, and find the next blog post you want to read!

You can subscribe to as many blogs as you want, and get notifications each your subscriptions post something new. You can filter any page by, “Read”, “Unread” and “All” to quickly navigate between posts.

If you want to save a post for later reference, simply select the “Favourite” star icon, and it’ll be saved to your personalized favourite posts feed.

For Bloggers

BlogAtom was born from the frustration all bloggers face. Between the emails, push notifications, social media algorithms and Google's knack of not showing you in the search results, we know the struggle of not knowing whether your new posts will actually make it to your readers.

All top blogs deserve to be able to connect with their audience seamlessly. We aggregate blog posts from your website, and display them all in an easy to use interface, that all of your readers can enjoy. Readers can subscribe to your blog with a single click, and get on-site notifications as soon as you post a new article.

All of the content inside of our platform is gated from search engines and external websites. If you have a complaint about your own, or someone else's, content within BlogAtom, please report it so that we can look into the problem.


We’re still in Beta, and all feedback is valuable. If you have an opinion on BlogAtom, a suggestion for a new feature, or any other kind feedback, we want to hear it!

As a platform that we plan to build around its users, your feedback is extremely important to us.